I am glad to say that I have made it safely back to the States. Despite nearly waiting at the wrong gate. And an unnecessary delay at the airport while we waited for one last (late) passenger to board (my guess is that it must not have been a cheap economy-class ticket-bearing passenger). About one hour later than scheduled, I arrived in Seattle.
The temperature here was quite a shock to me, having somewhat acclimated to the high humidity and 80F temperature of Taiwan. I suppose though that the one good thing is that it was sunny here as well, instead of being dreary — that would have really been a bummer.
It was nice getting the chance to go back after such a long time. And, despite having a rather long list of things to accomplish in the span of a week, I got to enjoy myself a bit AND get those things done (with help, naturally). I now have my wedding gown, and a Chinese dress made. And Dan’s Chinese outfit is done as well. Though I have not yet seen it, it is suppose to be quite impressive.
The last full day that I was there, Spencer and I got to go to the National Palace Museum as well as the Miniature’s Museum in Taipei. Both were great. I probably would have gotten even more out of the National Palace Museum (NPM) if I could read Chinese better and if I knew the order of the Dynasties (and related events/history). As it was, the highlights of the museum for me were the Imperial seals on display and their collection of jade artwork. After the fact, I was told that there was a specific piece (resembling a head of lettuce), but I don’t recall seeing that there.
Now that I’m back, it’s time to get busy making the wedding invitations, and cleaning up my place and all that other jazz. Looking forward to having Spencer and my Mom back from Taiwan…

It’s been about seven years since I last visited any of my relatives in Taiwan and I have to say that it’s nice to see them again. Even if it means making a fool out of myself due to inept-ness with the Chinese language (my supposed “mother-tongue”). I have to say that visiting in the early fall sure beats a summer visit. While it is still pretty hot and humid, it is definitely more bearable than June/July.
I think I’m mostly adjusted to the local time now. We have managed to go and see my grandmother at the home and that was a rather depressing visit. I wish that she were well and we could reminisce about my childhood when she babysat me regularly.
We have also found fabrics for the various dresses, skirts and shirts that are going to be made for the day of the wedding as well as for general purpose. It was really neat to see all the fabrics they had at this fabric outlet — I have NEVER in my life seen such a variety of fabrics all in one building. Hopefully, all of the clothing can be made before I depart for the States this coming Saturday.

Well, I now have a personal blog set up. This is exciting :), especially given that I encountered a few problems while trying to get it to work. Now I just need to personalize the template a little more.