We’ve been getting quite a few beans and squash lately. In fact, we’ve already consumed two previous batches of similar size. I’m intending to transplant the blueberry bushes into the ground instead of keeping them in pots next year. Will also have to put netting around them so that I can enjoy more than about three berries. Here’s what was recently harvested:
Also, I discovered that we have a plum tree. I need to learn more about getting larger, better fruits from fruiting trees (and also keep it highly productive). We had our trees pruned last year in the fall and I think that helped the fruit trees decide to bear more fruit. Maybe a lesson to be had here? We need “pruning” if we want to bear more fruit …
Plums in plum tree (that are out of reach):

Pronounced “zhu ni sheng ri kuai le“. We have recently had two birthdays in the family.
First, a certain little boy turned one not too long ago!
birthday boy

We had friends over. “Little friends”
little friends

as well as big friends
big friends

There was pizza and salad for dinner, followed up with birthday cake/cupcake, and assorted other snacks/desserts (like mochi brownie and fluff that friends made):

A few of the things we’ve learned about our little one so far in one short year:

  • though he is often serious in a new situation/environment, he is actually exuberantly happy once he’s gotten the lay of the land
  • he loves engaging with other people and especially enjoys playing and interacting with his older sister. they often jabber and giggle with each other in the backseat while we’re driving from place to place
  • he is very laidback. This caused some concern for me initially (didn’t crawl until 10+ months, and even then, it was a funky manuever).
  • he loves to be held and it generally doesn’t matter who it is, but (unlike his older sister) isn’t as big on reciprocating shows of physical affection
  • says “mamamamama!” without crying/fussing (which his older sister did at similar age), and also says “bao bao” (or something close enough to it that I’ll give him credit for it)
  • kind of a picky eater and will squirrel away food and pull out items he doesn’t like from his mouth (such as beans, peas, tofu). Like Chops, he seems to enjoy his starches ( 🙂 anyone say bread?! )

We also celebrated my mom’s birthday recently. As the weather was nice, we decided to enjoy the nearby state park. Here are some of us at the beginning of the “hike”:
a-gong with Spiky
Most of us were tired from our excusion and managed a nap in the afternoon. We followed up our family nap-time with some grilling (skewers, hotdogs and hamburgers):


and a board game.

Thankful for family close by, for the blessing of good weather especially during birthday celebrations, and all the blessings in our family with the passage of an additional year! Here’s to many more!

Excuse the pun, but I’m enjoying our strawberries. This is the first time in my life where I feel like we can go without buying strawberries from the store, at least for the time being. It’s great fun to be able to go in the backyard and pick a few strawberries for immediate consumption and so very gratifying to know that we grew it ourselves. All the strawberries below were just “harvested” tonight.
Part of me wants to propagate the plants and get even more next year … 🙂
Looking forward to our (still meager) blueberries. And considering more strongly some raspberry canes!

While on a recent road trip, Chops asked us to do “ti-tar”. We were told to wait until the musesh starts and that the proper way to do this was to move one hand up and down in short, quick motions across the chest.
… in other words, she wanted us to play air guitar (musesh = music). 🙂

Photo from Easter of the kids together:

(Kind of funny considering the fit Chops threw in the morning regarding the dress.)

This year’s egg dying was considerably less messy compared to last year (helps that she is more coordinated):

But we still have a little ways to go in the egg-hunt department:

The flowers in our yard are starting to bloom. I love it! This fall, I added some tulips, crocuses, ranunculus, and irises. We’ll have to wait and see how many of the irises and ranunculus will come up, but a quick photo tour of existing flower show at our house right now.
First, the plum blossom trees
plum blossom tree

and cherry blossom trees
cherry blossom trees

flowered a bit ago. It’s always so pretty, even when the petals start dropping:
carpet of pink

I suspect that squirrels or rabbits did something to the majority of the crocuses since I’ve only seen one so far and I know I planted more than just one, and the kind I ordered actually look different. But it is/was pretty nonetheless:

The tulips are finally starting to bloom. This is probably a Viridiflora Tulip China Town:
first tulip

And finally, some grape hyacinths, though not the ones I planted (these were from previous home-owners. I ordered and planted some white and pink ones, but those ones are still in the process of blooming). I apologize for the lack of proper focus in this photo — was holding/carrying a certain Sir Spiky:
grape hyacinths

And there you have it! Spring!! 🙂 We’re planning on visiting the Tulip Festival and seeing even more tulips. Hopefully it’ll be great and traffic and weather will cooperate :).

I always knew that Chops liked “art projects”, but until recently, most of her drawing consisted of scribbling zig-zag lines on paper. So imagine my surprise when I caught her doing this:

at the church office this past Sunday.

As a family, we sometimes enjoy going on short road trips to visit Snoqualmie Falls. Just the other night, we decided to make an impromptu trip out after dinner. It was drizzling a little, but we decided to chance it anyhow and Chops became very excited about the prospect of seeing the falls. Unfortunately, we discovered when we got there that it was just a little too wet to be able to see the falls which was a rather big disappointment for Chops. We told her that the reason she couldn’t see the falls was because it was misty and foggy, but that the waterfall was there and we know that because we can hear it.
The following line of questions/comments commenced:

“Where is the waterfall?”
“Is it upstairs?” (there were stairs along the walkway to view the falls)
“Did his mommy/daddy make him to bed?”
“Did it walk away?”
“Is it messy because a froggy put rocks on top of it?”

It took us a little while to determine that the “messy” and “froggy” weren’t arbitrary, but in fact her interpretation of the words “misty” and “foggy”. It amused us the rest of the way home (and even once we got home):

We ended up making a follow-up trip out the next day so that she could see them. It was still a bit “messy and froggy”:
misty and foggy

but you could see it: