Compared to how long it normally takes me to finish articles of clothing for my kids, this is relatively quick turnaround. I finished the car shirt (using Oliver + S’s sketchbook shirt pattern):
sketchbook shirt

Spiky hasn’t worn it yet, though I put it on him to see fit. He seems to like it (and why wouldn’t he with all the cars on it), which is good :). A few nit-picky things though. I could have done a better job of hemming it — could do with a lesson on how to properly achieve this with my machine. And I would like to find a better way to finish the edges (inside) — the way I currently do it feels a bit bulky. Otherwise pretty pleased with the outcome. Doubly so as this is the first time I’ve actually used the ladder/hidden stitch to invisibly finish an edge (instead of cheating and just edge-stitching); despite the manual labor involved it didn’t take too much time and I’m pleased with how much better the inside part of the collar turned out.
Perhaps I should start considering Halloween costumes now (unless the costumes from last year still fit and they would still wear them 🙂 ) …

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