One of my friends, after seeing some of my pictures, asked if I was intending to start a blog called “the determined urban gardener” :P. Since I do already have a blog and I have traditionally made mention of it in past years but have not yet done so, here’s a overview of what this year’s garden looks like.
Back in early April, I started some corn, acorn squash, swiss chard, and beets from seeds. I also acquired two types of cherry tomatoes, some beans and snow pea plants, as well as a pumpkin plant, and a small flat of swiss chard. To this, I added dwarf gray peas, painted lady pole beans, more beets (which I failed to properly transplant), music box sunflowers, bush yellow scallop squash as seed starts in early May. And then 🙂 … I also added two varieties of carrots (from seed), some lettuce plants, cauliflower (from seeds), as well as radish (from seeds) :D. Oh — and I decided to continue doing potatoes since I had some from last year, but decided to expand and get a secondary variety (different colors — I like colorful edibles).
While this all seems like a lot (which I suppose it sort of is), we’ve only really harvested some strawberry:
snow peas:
snow peas
chard, lettuce, blueberries:
and a couple of radishes:
so far. A lesson learned (since I moved where I tried planting lettuce this year from previous years): even though online sources say that lettuce will grow in the shade this isn’t completely true. Sure — it’ll grow. But it’s spindly and gangly and not very productive, so poo for that :(. I had such high hopes.
I suppose the thing that’s exciting for me is that the garden in the back currently looks like this:
backyard garden
with blueberries starting to ripen, acorn squash growing, potato plants starting to flower, cherry tomatoes forming, and the painted lady scarlet beans (as well as the normal kind of beans) are starting to bud! The front “garden” is not doing that shoddy either. The corn looks like there might actually be corn developing, I have a few orange blossoms (but given the previous experience of them blooming, I am not exactly expecting fruit … still smells super nice though!), Chops might actually get to have some little pumpkins as she requested :), and I’m hoping that the carrots planted will be bigger than the carrots I planted late last fall as a stab at “fall planting” which I unearthed prepping this year’s garden.
It’s fun having a vegetable/fruit garden! I think it encourages me to have our family eat more meals at home … and healthier ones at that to incorporate the harvest.

2 Thoughts on “Garden!!

  1. Andrew on July 12, 2013 at 9:30 pm said:

    How do you keep the animals away?

    • The animals don’t seem particularly interested in most of the vegetables. They like the fruits though. Some I’ll share; others (like blueberries) have netting around them to prevent “theft”.

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