Not only has it been quite long since the last time I posted a blog entry, but it’s also been a while since my last sewing project (which was an attempt at making a Hello Kitty pajama top for Chops for Christmas; unfortunately made it about 5 sizes too large it seems).
My newest project is the Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt. I did things a little differently this time. Instead of tracing the pattern from pattern paper to non-pattern paper before cutting out and using that as guide for cutting fabric pieces, I photo-copied the pieces. This wound up saving me a lot of time. I’ve worked on this on three separate nights so far, though the nights have been spaced apart. The first night of sewing yielded this:
After the second night, the collar was attached:
collar attached
And the state that it is in now:
nearly finished
I “just” need to finish the seams, hem the bottom and the sleeves and add buttons and buttonholes and then I’ll be done! I hope Spiky likes this!!

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