No — we did not travel for a full six months. Nothing close to that, but we have been on a number of road trips in this time duration and just never got around to sharing some photo highlights from them. So here goes …
Back in April, we went to the Tulip festival. Chops in particular enjoyed it. In her class at daycare, they’d been learning about flowers (hyacinths, tulips, etc.). Sprinkles were in the forecast, but fortunately for us, it remained relatively dry the whole time we were in the fields enjoying the tulips and daffodils:
Chops with tulips
We found some nice strangers to take a rare family photo for us:

and concluded the day with a stop at the Snow Goose stand where we enjoyed some rather large ice-cream cones:
ice cream!
… that was the kid-sized cone!
In May, we acquired a larger vehicle and decided to go on a overnight road trip over Memorial Day Weekend. Here we (the kids) are about to get on our way!
Memorial Road Trip start
The trip consisted of going from Washington state, through Oregon to Idaho. The goal was to see Shoshone Falls, which we successfully achieved:
Shoshone Falls
The next trip we made after that was to Portland when Dan’s sister was able to come out to visit us. Apparently we picked a rather interesting weekend to visit and picked just the right place to stay at — we got to see (from afar) the Naked Bike Ride Race:

We also made the obligatory stop at Multnomah Falls
Multnomah Falls
before returning via Leavensworth, WA (which for some reason I don’t see photos of …).
In late June, friends of ours invited us to Coyle for a weekend. It was the first time for Spiky to ride a ferry. While there, Chops was excited by all the starfish she got to see (and hold) as well as a very long, very red, highly unusual worm:
orangish starfish chops holding starfish awesome worm purplish starfish
This trip was doubly exciting for Chops since it was our first time as a family going on a trip involving sleeping bags and tents. Despite the novelty, both kids actually did a fairly decent job of sleeping.
The last one in the “series” is more a field trip than a full-on trip. We went to Remlinger Farms with our small group.
Here are some of the kids:
kids at remlinger farm
Chops really enjoyed all the things with wheels!
Pretend-driving the tractor:
driving tractor
Riding the “train” through the park:
train riding
Going on an imaginary carriage ride with her friend:
carriage ride
And driving mommy around in an old-style car:
She also got to ride a horse for the first time:
horse riding
Can’t say that it was as exciting for Spiky … ;).

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