This year’s pear yield was nothing to sneeze at. Now that I know how much two trees can produce without any fertilization, I’ll have to make sure to prune, thin, and fertilize in the future for even better yield (from perspective of size and quality). This is the amount of pears we had harvested in our house at one point (with some fruit remaining in the trees):
That was with consuming some, and making a small batch of pear cider:
pear cider
and pear sauce:
pear sauce
I’m really glad that the kids seem to enjoy eating pears, both fresh and as “sauce”. This was the first time I undertook canning. It wasn’t until after I made the cider, and first two batches of pear sauce that I decided to look up what people do with “extra” pears. It’s rather unfortunate that I didn’t find the recipe for pear jelly until this time. I went ahead and made a third batch of pear sauce and followed this recipe for making pear jelly utilizing the peel and cores (the first two batches of pear “sauce” actually had skins attached). I really love the amber color of the end product:
pear jelly
There is still a goodly quantity of fresh pears, in addition to two pints + 12 half-pints of canned pear sauce, plus nine 4-oz containers of canned vanilla pear jelly. Hooray for pears!!

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