Our little one is sure developing quite the personality. While he still shows no interest in walking, he’s been experimenting with standing hands-free for brief periods of time (including while in a high-chair). I’m optimistically hoping that it’ll be fun once he starts walking 🙂 (and that he does so before he is 18 months old).
On the other hand, it appears he is attempting to skip on to acquiring other life skills, such as wiping his face with a napkin, blowing his nose, and putting his own socks on. None of these attempts are very successful for the time being, and I will need to get photo/video evidence, but they are entertaining to watch.
One of the things he does that cracks me up is his modified peek-a-boo routine. Observe the following video:

Despite a reluctance to transition to being a biped, he enjoys moving around. One game he likes playing is sneaking upstairs when we aren’t paying attention (there are 15 steps between the two levels), or semi “racing” us up the stairs. Another thing he enjoys doing is playing with the sound system, even knowing full well that he isn’t supposed to do so:
up to no good
Can’t believe he’s inching ever closer to being 18 months old!!

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