The flowers in our yard are starting to bloom. I love it! This fall, I added some tulips, crocuses, ranunculus, and irises. We’ll have to wait and see how many of the irises and ranunculus will come up, but a quick photo tour of existing flower show at our house right now.
First, the plum blossom trees
plum blossom tree

and cherry blossom trees
cherry blossom trees

flowered a bit ago. It’s always so pretty, even when the petals start dropping:
carpet of pink

I suspect that squirrels or rabbits did something to the majority of the crocuses since I’ve only seen one so far and I know I planted more than just one, and the kind I ordered actually look different. But it is/was pretty nonetheless:

The tulips are finally starting to bloom. This is probably a Viridiflora Tulip China Town:
first tulip

And finally, some grape hyacinths, though not the ones I planted (these were from previous home-owners. I ordered and planted some white and pink ones, but those ones are still in the process of blooming). I apologize for the lack of proper focus in this photo — was holding/carrying a certain Sir Spiky:
grape hyacinths

And there you have it! Spring!! 🙂 We’re planning on visiting the Tulip Festival and seeing even more tulips. Hopefully it’ll be great and traffic and weather will cooperate :).

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