Somewhat disjoint but here goes :).
Recently, despite the fact that there is still plenty of putting away and unpacking to do, we’ve been ignoring it to the best of our ability to spend time together as a family. A couple weekends ago, we went to Northwest Trek (flickr set here). Dan really enjoyed seeing hawks (and other birds of prey) up close, particularly one they were training:

Chops, on the other hand, really was enthusiastic about “owlers” and otters.

river otter

This weekend, we went to the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. While there are large migatory raptors that can be frequently spotted there, we mostly saw little birds as we did not take along telescopes or binoculars. Chops enjoyed …
jumping over the backs of the benches with Daddy:
bench jumping

following the flock of geese:

flying with Daddy:

and spotting cute little birds like this one:
little bird

We’ve also started a smallish garden this year. There are three types of strawberries, two types of lettuce, two types of tomatoes, and a pea plant. New blueberry bushes were also acquired.

Last year, Chops really wanted to help out with the yard/garden and this year is no different for her. We got her some Dora garden things:
gloves etc
and she proudly helped me fill up some of the pots. We also jointly planted some flower seeds in a pot outside. Hopefully, birds or other animals didn’t consume them and Chops will get to see the fruits of her labor.
This is also the last week of us owning our “old” house — somewhat bittersweet.

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