We have moved into our new house. Now remains the somewhat daunting task of completely unpacking and putting it all away properly. One of the things that we’ve been enjoying at the new house, despite the rain, are the cherry blossom trees we have:
Cherry Blossom Trees
We have set a goal of at least one box a night. And now that our old house is listed (see here if interested), it might actually be easier to meet that goal plus some. Our somewhat arbitrary goal, is to be “completely” settled in (no random boxes of semi-unpacked things, things put away properly, etc.) by Easter. I’m somewhat hopeful, but also honestly somewhat stressed since … it’s still unfinished.
The new yard is larger, though much of it is already landscaped and/or occupied by things like a sports court. But I think I’d like to eventually put in a garden. One that contains the following things (not necessarily in one dedicated spot):

At this point, I’m thinking of maybe eventually doing some of that using something similar to (if not actually getting) earthboxes. The benefit of this is that we’d be able to put them on the sunny patio-like location behind the garage most of the time, but have the ability to move them for when we want to utilize the sports court (especially when basketballs and other similarly weighted balls are utilized).
Also as part of the move, we promoted Babychops. Dan proposed that since we have another baby on the way and that she technically is no longer a baby, that we would drop the “baby” part — so Chops it is: that’s the first part. The second part of the promotion for Chops is that she is now in her toddler bed. So far it’s working great — she knows when it’s bedtime and stays in bed; she hasn’t (yet) fallen out of bed; she hasn’t gotten up in the middle of the night. The only thing is that when she wakes up before us, she will now (given the freedom of no bars) come in search of us (typically trying to catch a few extra ‘zzz’s) but that’s not too bad as she is not a super early bird.

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  1. I am so excited to see your house for your birthday!! 🙂

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