Compared to how long it normally takes me to finish articles of clothing for my kids, this is relatively quick turnaround. I finished the car shirt (using Oliver + S’s sketchbook shirt pattern):
sketchbook shirt

Spiky hasn’t worn it yet, though I put it on him to see fit. He seems to like it (and why wouldn’t he with all the cars on it), which is good :). A few nit-picky things though. I could have done a better job of hemming it — could do with a lesson on how to properly achieve this with my machine. And I would like to find a better way to finish the edges (inside) — the way I currently do it feels a bit bulky. Otherwise pretty pleased with the outcome. Doubly so as this is the first time I’ve actually used the ladder/hidden stitch to invisibly finish an edge (instead of cheating and just edge-stitching); despite the manual labor involved it didn’t take too much time and I’m pleased with how much better the inside part of the collar turned out.
Perhaps I should start considering Halloween costumes now (unless the costumes from last year still fit and they would still wear them 🙂 ) …

Not only has it been quite long since the last time I posted a blog entry, but it’s also been a while since my last sewing project (which was an attempt at making a Hello Kitty pajama top for Chops for Christmas; unfortunately made it about 5 sizes too large it seems).
My newest project is the Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt. I did things a little differently this time. Instead of tracing the pattern from pattern paper to non-pattern paper before cutting out and using that as guide for cutting fabric pieces, I photo-copied the pieces. This wound up saving me a lot of time. I’ve worked on this on three separate nights so far, though the nights have been spaced apart. The first night of sewing yielded this:
After the second night, the collar was attached:
collar attached
And the state that it is in now:
nearly finished
I “just” need to finish the seams, hem the bottom and the sleeves and add buttons and buttonholes and then I’ll be done! I hope Spiky likes this!!

Like this (from back in February):
O+S Jump Rope Dress

I’m relieved to say that I have finally finished it. Just in time for Christmas, and possibly photos with Santa:
Chops in Dress

I am also relieved that Chops appears to like it. Might have something to do with the buttons on it :).

Several months ago — in fact, probably closer to a year ago — Chops accompanied me to the fabric store where she ran off on her own and picked out fabric that she liked and insisted that it was a blanket. What could I do? I bought it for her and for months, it sat — washed but not properly assembled (though she would still occasionally see it and drag it to use as a blanket).
It is now finally done. Too bad I still haven’t finished the owl quilt I started making for her while pregnant with her :).
Here is the blanket in its finished state:

For scale (draped over the back of a chair since recipient-to-be is already in bed):
blanket over chair

Hope she enjoys it now that it’s finally finished! 🙂

Memorial Day weekend started off with me as a brief audience member to this, which made me smile:

We stayed around home instead of taking a trip anywhere this weekend: it was good to just relax a bit. Saturday involved a leisurely drive, taking back-roads instead of the freeway to get doughnuts at Frost :). And in the evening after Chops had taken her nap, we went and got Vietnamese sandwiches from a place we used to frequent more a year or so back and followed that up by a trip to Target to acquire a few items necessary for a newborn (e.g. newborn diapers) — it’s so weird, exciting, and scary to think that in about a month’s time, we’ll be a family of four!
Sunday was church and more lounging around at home. That was orignally also the plan for Monday, but friends of ours from church invited us over for a BBQ and that’s what we ended up doing. Chops enjoyed our friends’ buttercups:

We concluded our awesomely laid-back, extended weekend by having french toast for dinner :). And I got in a little more sewing. See?
I think I cut out the pieces for a size 3T and now that I see it closer to finished, I’m thinking I probably should have made it a size or two smaller. Either Chops will have to wait a few years (maybe), or else I’ll have to wait even longer and hope we’re having a boy who will consent to wearing these in about as long of time, if not longer. Probably doesn’t help that I added a contrasting hem to lengthen the pants.
Hoorah, long weekend!

In getting ready to pack to move, fabrics needed to be put away. I figured that it might be a while before I would be able to get around to sewing projects again, so as part of the putting fabrics away, a few projects’ worth of fabric was cut. We have:
sewing projects
1. Another Bucket Bag, 2. Corduroy Sandbox Pants, 3. Denim Sandbox Pants from Dan’s old jeans, 4. Baby Kimono
I also managed to start and finish a much needed knitting projects. Babychops has been needing a hat for quite a while and the recent snow storm provided the impetus to start and finish one for her:
owl hat

Corduroy clothing is kind of a pain to sew. Especially when there are many pieces involved. Which is a shame, since I like how it feels. Now, all this little dress needs is hemming and buttons and buttonholes.
O+S Jump Rope Dress

A few things that could have gone better:

  • The pockets could have been positioned higher
  • If I had fully understood all the relative right/lefts, the plackets would have been facing the “correct” direction
  • Had I been paying more attention, the inner placket nap (of the corduroy) would have been in the correct direction (downwards, instead of upwards)
  • I probably shouldn’t have been lazy and not blind/ladder stitch the collar in place. As it was, I just edge/top stitched it and called it good 🙂

Might have to wait until fall/winter to have it modeled. Didn’t know how big/small it would turn out. Or, for that matter, how long it would take me to complete. Or the rate of growth to be observed during said duration by babychops — I held it up against her the other day and it looks like it’s on the long side (by a good bit). Oh well — better too big than too small :).

Cut out most of the pieces for this:
jumprope dress
Boy, I was making lots of silly, stupid mistakes with cutting the pieces. Since I’m using corduroy — the direction does matter! Must remember!!
My plan is to cut out the pieces for all the projects that I want to sew in the coming weeks so I can put away the fabrics and eventually all the pattern pieces and start organizing/cleaning the downstairs, which I’ve converted into my craft/sewing area (much to the dismay of my husband who would like to be able to have our guests come and watch movies sometimes).
Planning on also tackling the music box jumper, a long-sleeved 2+2 blouse, another bag or so and … we’ll see. 🙂

owl costume

No guarantees that Babychops will actually wear it for any length of time, and there are yet untested wings as part of the costume, but here she is in it (took quite a bit of convincing and did not last long at all, but better than tears)!

About a year ago, I made myself this bag:
I really loved the many pockets and the cheery, colorful fabric. But alas, a few months ago, the fabric on the back side of the bag wore out :(. As a temporary solution, I bought myself a small red purse to use until I found the time to make myself a new bag.
I finally got around to finishing this:
using this pattern that I recently acquired. I’ll have to see what I really think about it. On one hand, it’s really roomy and I intentionally picked a very sturdy fabric to construct it out of (heavyweight denim). I like how it can sit on the floor, or some other surface, without tipping over. However, I miss the multitude of pockets and how that makes it easier to compartmentalize and organize things in a bag. At some point, I’ll probably want to make myself the Lots of Pockets tote again, though I have to say that the new Bucket Bag took slightly less time to put together.