I just finished weaving in the ends and had a coworker help me kitchener stitch the armpits together. So what was originally intended for Chops (knitting aspect finished October of 2010, and only now wearable?!) is now brand-new for Spiky:
Guess I should get cracking on the larger sized one. Especially since Chops was complaining about how she wants/wanted that one and I showed her the WIP :).

In getting ready to pack to move, fabrics needed to be put away. I figured that it might be a while before I would be able to get around to sewing projects again, so as part of the putting fabrics away, a few projects’ worth of fabric was cut. We have:
sewing projects
1. Another Bucket Bag, 2. Corduroy Sandbox Pants, 3. Denim Sandbox Pants from Dan’s old jeans, 4. Baby Kimono
I also managed to start and finish a much needed knitting projects. Babychops has been needing a hat for quite a while and the recent snow storm provided the impetus to start and finish one for her:
owl hat

… (almost) finished with the sweater I started months and months ago (as in, about a year ago):
placket-neck sweater

I just need to weave in some of the ends and stitch together the armpits. I think I did the placket backwards when I attached it, but I was thinking it’d be less lumpy on the inside that way, if it makes any difference to Babychops in wearing it :). Now to finish the next size up that I’ve recently preemptively started (in a different color)!

First of all, a Happy New Year — my first post of the new decade! I have quite a few started projects, mostly of the knitting variety, that I need to finish up from the last few months. I started the Child’s Placket-Neck Pullover before Thanksgiving, but suspended the effort during the holiday season. I’ve done the sleeves and the lower part of the body and now need to yoke, placket, and neckband:
placket-neck sweater

Closer to being finished for Babychops is the Heirloom Cables cardigan I made for her:
heirloom cables
The only thing remaining on that is to finish assembly, weave in loose ends, and attach buttons. I ought to hurry up and do this so she can actually wear it.

And then something I’d like to finish for myself are a pair of these fingerless mittens:
red fetching
I need to knit up the thumbs and weave in the ends. Maybe I can use them next year, since most of the cold (we can be hopeful) is over for the year.

And then … sewing. I suppose I actually finished more sewing than knitting recently. I finished up a eagle pillowcase for Dan as part of his Christmas present. It looks like a regular pillowcase except that it’s made with this particular fabric. And I also managed to make a makeup brush roll for a friend:
makeup brush roll

The one sewing project I started which needs to be finished is the Oliver+ S Sandbox Pants:
sandbox pants

At some point, I’d also like to make at least the top to this skirt and top pattern, and this frock (if I ever decide to purchase the pattern, or become brave enough to try and wing the “pattern”), and a smock or something like that for Babychops that would protect her nicer clothes without having to change her out of them.

… knit without a pattern and mimic something that I like from what I’ve seen.
There’s this hat by Smartwool:
Smartwool Flower Hat
that I really like. It doesn’t look terribly difficult, I just need to know how hats work in knitting better (general decreasing rate, etc.). Then, I wouldn’t have to pay the $30-something that it’s listed at. And I discovered it has a matching pair of mittens.
Smartwool Flower Mitts
Not that into mittens, but it might be cute too 🙂 … not that I’ve ever attempted knitting gloves/mittens before. Someday!

sock progressWhile on the road trip last month, I was able to get in quite a bit of knitting in (considering how slow and inefficient I am at knitting). Although I am still on the first of the pair, the leg part of it is pretty much finished. It’s lame how much time I haven’t spent on it since getting back from the trip, but … what can you do, when there are other exciting things to try out (stamping art, some beading, revisiting the violin … and the desire to undertake a “worthwhile” sewing project (one that goes beyond sewing in straight lines and not requiring any precision in cutting the pieces) for which I picked up a pattern yesterday), and a new job to adapt to :)?
The really lame thing about me and knitting projects (so far) it seems is that I don’t ever quite finish them. Take for instance, my first pair of knit socks. They are essentially done. And have been for about a year or so. If you discount the fact that I haven’t actually woven in the tail and “finished” them. Bleh for little minor details like that :). The exceptions of course are things that I’ve made for others as presents. Hopefully the sewing project (once I find fabric for it) will fare better.

Rachel & JonDan and I went to Virginia this weekend to attend his sister’s wedding. It was the first time I’d been to Virginia. I have to say that it’s quite peaceful there (at least during the late part of spring now that most of the VaTech students have left).
All in all, it was a rather rushed trip and we didn’t get to spend as much time as we would have liked with relatives, but the wedding was beautiful … naturally, given that it was planned by a beautiful bride :). God’s blessings for a long and fun-filled marriage!
Retro Rib SocksSince we were in transit for ~12hrs, I decided to start a new portable knitting project so I could entertain myself on the plane (and in the airports). I had acquired Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave because the patterns all looked so neat, but hadn’t acquired yarn until right before the trip. I still have a ways to go on the first sock, but check out the prettiness :). Hopefully it’ll fit properly since I did my cast-on a little on the tight side (in all likelihood).

amaryllisMy amaryllis finally bloomed. Well, one of them anyhow. I bought two bulbs, one from Lowe’s and another from Target. The one from Lowe’s so far has only produced leaves even though it was planted before the one from Target. I’m excited that at least one is blooming and quite well, I might add :D. There seems to be another stalk coming up, so hoorah for even more flowers. I originally thought that I got the Appleblossom variety, but the blooming one turns out to be (what I think is) the Intiflorum variety (correct me if I’m wrong and you know what it really is). I’m not terribly disappointed though — there’s a nice sheen to the petals and I like that.
Of course, with the weather improving lately (the sun’s been out though it’s still chilly in the morning), I’m really looking forward to spring and the tulips :). Flowers and color outside :D!! (And perhaps motivation to be outdoors more frequently and for longer periods of time.)
flower washclothsSince the new year, I haven’t been knitting all that much, but I did manage to finish knitting some flower washcloths. They still have a few ends needing to be woven in, and overall they need to be “shaped” a little. They feel so soft and fuzzy and nice :). Now I want some for myself, not that I’m a big face/wash-cloth kind of person. It’ll have to wait until I finish my CompTIA Project+ Certification class though (end of February).

Hope everyone had a great Christmas with family and friends. We had a good time celebrating Christ’s birth with both our families, a little early here in WA and on-time while on the East Coast visiting Dan’s family. It was great to relax and spend time with family. There was a goodly amount of game playing (Carcasonne, Citadels, Boggle, and Sets). The only things that would have made our Christmas vacation better was if our flights had worked out as we planned (we wound up having to drive from JFK to Logan on the way there, and had a delayed layover on the return leg) and that we had not gotten sick towards the end of our stay on the East Coast. It was good to come back to a lit house (we had to pack in a dark house but apparently our power came back while we were away (the power outage due to the storm mentioned in the last post)).
flower scarfI was able to finish the scarf that Dan and I wanted to give to Dan’s sister as her Christmas present. Due to the power being out, I wasn’t able to finish it before departing (finished the knitting, but not weaving in of the ends and blocking, and adding fringe). It was still damp when she received it but we hope she likes it and its cheery colors :). We still have a few Christmas presents which haven’t quite made their way to their recipients yet (primarily because they aren’t completely finished yet :().
Anniversary on the Dinner TrainDespite being sick, we celebrated our first anniversary aboard the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train. It was quite fun, if not a bit bumpy. There were lots of neato Christmas light displays still on that we hadn’t seen before. Though most people onboard the train were there to ring in the New Year, there were a few others in our car who, like us, were celebrating other things: anniversaries, engagements, job promotions. The food was great, the scenery good, the atmosphere jovial … only wish we had been feeling well instead being a little under-the-weather. We did not join the others in the post trainride festivities but instead went home to rest.
Wishing everyone a happy New Year!

This time last year, Dan and I were preparing to get married. Last minute details needed to be attended to: programs designed, printed, and picked-up; clothing prepped; etc. It’s amazing to realize how much more relaxed things are this year :). Although naturally, both of wish that we were able to spend more time together with the amount of time Dan is required to be at work (major impending deadlines). It seems surreal that Christmas is only about a week and a half away.
So what have I been doing with my “home-alone” time, you ask? Hmmm… Let’s see. Looking at yarn online, looking at knitting patterns and tutorials online, comparing online yarn stores (I wound up getting quite a bit from Yarn Country), examining knitting books, attempting to decide colors of yarn for knitting projects that I hope to do… Yes — lots of things pertaining to “yarn”. In fact, a lot of my time since acquiring said yarn has been spent knitting (when not reading). I’ve experimented a little with cables 🙂 as a random non-project just to see that I could, and am working on a project which involves intarsia (and in no way uses cables which I now can semi-sorta do). Once it’s finished (and I try my hand at blocking, another first for me), I shall post pictures of it up in the gallery.
There have also been several trips to various bookstores. I love Half-Price Books!! Recently while I was there, I acquired a Korean cookbook as well as a Japanese cookbook. Up until then, I had figured that the things that my Mom made at home was all “Chinese” food (unless it was blatantly non-Asian: e.g. lasagna, pasta, etc.). It turns out that several of my “favorite” dishes that my Mom makes are actually … Japanese. This was quite a surprise to me though it makes sense. Now all I have to do is find some time (and the ingredients/implements) and try my hand at preparing some of those things.
Now, if I’m really good (now that knit project is closer to being done), I’ll be sure to clean up and organize a bit more around the house. Icky junk mail that needs to be sorted through, among other things…